About Us

Nomad VII by Anne Bowen is a study of clothing archetypes. Considered to be raw and audacious in its sensibility, Nomad VII is redefining the hoodie fusing functionality with futurity. Inspired by all things transportation, the brand translates Bentley car seats to sweatshirts with quilting a stealth bomber to a fitted hoodie with zipper panels, tire tread into patterns and a symbol for the brand. The tire tread symbol represents our physical, emotional and spiritual journey in this world as we constantly navigate our path. It also represents a private homage to the father of Anne Bowen, who served in the U.S. Airforce. The iconic tire tread symbol is transposed into rose gold and gun metal studs and metal pieces throughout the collection. Roman numeral VII was chosen for its mystified symbolism and for its meaning of perfection and security. 

From musical artists JD Supreme and American Idol songstress Pia Toscano to dancers from X Factory who dance with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to celebrities such as Emily Bett Rickards who is best known for her role in the series Arrow and Danay Garcia of The Walking Dead, Nomad VII has collaborated with artists of all types creating a diversified expression of the brand's sensibility.

The luxury, street wear inspired NVII has global cultures embedded into the brand via our team, the textiles we use and in design elements.  PEACE, PAIX, PAZ.... Nomad VII has created the Peace Hoodies in with the word Peace in many languages in response to the terrorist attacks in surrounding countries as well as the US. Our company culture is extremely diverse with assistants and interns from Korea, France, Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, India, UAE and Mexico. We felt a deep sense of sorrow and each one wrote the Peace in their own language then we placed it in large letters down one arm of the hoodies. A percentage of proceeds from the sales of the Peace Hoodies go to help the victims and their families.

Join us on our journey. www.nomadvii.com